Hello.  My name is Warren Thacker and I am an ABS Journeyman Smith.  I strive to make high quality, functional, and beautiful blades for hunting, camping, or general use out of first-rate materials that are tried and true.  Making quality knives has been my passion since 2020, and I am always looking for ways to improve my craft.

Thacker Knives are primarily forged, but some are made using stock removal.  The leather sheaths are shaped to fit and stitched by hand.  This also ensures each item is unique.  While it may be an offered model, each knife is hand finished. 

I am working to create some standard models of my knives to offer, and I also make custom knives for customers occasionally. 

So, why choose a knife from Thacker Knives?

First, you are choosing a handmade, functional piece of art made by an artisan and craftsman.  As an ABS Journeyman Smith, I hold my work to exceptionally high standards.  I strive to make every blade as beautiful as it is utilitarian.  Each blade is constructed with care using high carbon steel.  When necessary, the wood handle material is stabilized to help prevent warping and provide some water resistance.  The sheath leather is 8-10 oz. cowhide shaped by hand to fit each individual knife.  When possible, all materials are sourced locally and in the United States. 


As a Marine Corps veteran, I know what it means to have a functional tool when needed.  My goal is to provide a useful, attractive tool that will perform as intended and aid you on your adventure.

Thank you for stopping by and looking around.  By choosing Thacker Knives you support a small business that helps me continue this craft and explore ways to make my knives and tools better for you.